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How to register

Registration is allowed under openwifimilano service signal coverage only; the information homepage contains all the coverage information, divided by areas. When under wifi coverage, your wifi device (notebook, smartphone, tablet, etc.) will detect openwifimilano network; connect to the network.

When connected, you'll have to open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.). The welcome page will appear:

Click the blue “Registrati” (Register) button to go to the registration page:

To register, follow this procedure:

1. Read the terms of use and approve them by selecting “Acconsento” (I agree) in the combo box;

2. Read the data treatment agreement and approve it by selecting “Acconsento” (I agree) in the combo box;

3. If you want to receive information about the city of Milan:
  • by sms: select “Acconsento” (I agree) in the combo box.
  • by e-mail: select “Acconsento” (I agree) in the combo box and enter your e-mail address in the text box below.
4. Enter the mobile phone number where you want to receive your password to access the service.

5. Click on the orange “Richiedi” (Request) button. You will receive your password by SMS on the selected number in a few seconds.

Now you can login to the service by clicking on the green “Login” button (see image above); a new page will appear:

1. Enter the mobile phone number used during registration.

2. Enter the password received by SMS on your mobile phone.

3. Click the Login button to access this page:

Now you can freely browse the Internet.